EASY QC (2814 / 2815)

Code: 202307-0220


Bi-Level Quality Control, Assayed
Tri-Level Quality Control, Assayed


Level l (Normal), Level 2 (Abnormal High),
Level 3 (Abnormal Low)

Please refer to the Quality Control section in the
Operator’s Manual for detailed instructions. Observe
all warnings and precautions stated in the manual
involving the use of biological materials.

Intended Use
For in vitro diagnostic use only. To establish the
performance of electrolyte analyzer systems.

Product Description
EasyQC controls are solutions of salts, buffers,
bovine albumin and preservatives. EasyQC controls
do not contain human serum or human serum
products. No special precautions are required in
handling the product other than those followed in
routine handling of blood specimens.

Storage and Stability
Control material should be stored at 2° to 8°C and
may be used to the expiration date on the bottle.

1 Dispense control into sample cup, such as Medica
REF 2843.
2 Analyze as a sample within 5-10 minutes to avoid
3 Use of the Quality Control section of the Operator’s
Manual is recommended.
4 Recap bottle immediately after removing sample
and refrigerate at 2° to 8°C.
5 IMPORTANT: Do not remove the dropper tip. Never
insert any object into the control bottle.

When the previous instructions are followed, these
controls will be stable for 8 weeks from the date the
bottle was first opened.

These controls are for use as an aid in the
evaluation of performance of electrolyte analyzers,
including the EasyLyte and EasyElectrolytes
Analyzers, and should not be considered as
a substitute for other aspects of total quality
control, such as calibration, maintenance, and
record keeping. All levels of this control material
have a clear light yellow color. A cloudy or turbid
appearance may indicate product alteratlon.

Expected Values
Expected value ranges (values in mmol/L) for the
specified lots of EasyQC controls are listed on the
reverse side of this sheet. Approximately 95%
of means from all EasyLyte and EasyElectrolytes
Analyzers, operating according to specifications, are
expected to fall within these ranges.



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